Stage 3 - Eviction Hearing

Go to the hearing!

You should attend the eviction hearing in person or make plans to have legal representation attend the hearing on your behalf. It is important to attend so that you can dispute the landlord’s claims against you. If you do not attend, the landlord’s case goes unanswered and there is a high likelihood you will be evicted.


How COVID-19 has Affected Landlord and Tenant Board Hearings

Hearings are currently hosted through video and teleconference, although they may return to in-person hearings in the future. If you are attending a hearing through teleconference, be sure to have a phone with enough minutes, and somewhere quiet to talk. If you attend by video conference, have a laptop with good Internet connection and a camera.


This means that you can defend yourself from the eviction.

This does NOT mean you have to move out.



  • Be on time for the hearing
  • Wait for your case to be heard
  • Present your case including all your evidence to the judge
  • Listen to the advice of your lawyer

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