South Rosedale gets its own gateposts

June 13, 2013, Yonge Street.

South Rosedale is a little more of its own neighbourhood now thanks to a gift from longtime resident Ray Cowling.

Though many outside of the Rosedale area think of it as all of a piece, residents of South Rosedale, the area than runs from Yonge to the Bayview extension, north Sherbourne to Roxborough Drive, have long thought of themselves as distinct from the rest of Rosedale and Moore park to the north. And now, on Crescent Road just east of the bridge that runs over the subway tracks at Rosedale station, there are gateposts to mark the entry to the neighbourhood.

“It’s been a wish of his to leave a legacy for the local neighbourhood that he cherishes so much,” says Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, “and I know there have been plans for some sort of iconic gateway marker for some time.”

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