In light of the unprecedented intensification in the designated growth areas including downtown core, and along Church Street specifically, I know residents and patrons are rightly concerned about potentially losing LGBTQ2S+ spaces.

With the support of local stakeholders, such as the Church Wellesley Village BIA and the Church Wellesley Neighbourhood Association, I am working hard to protect the character of the Village in light of numerous Ontario Municipal Board approvals that have overturned City Council decisions. 

As the only openly gay Toronto City Councillor and as someone who previously owned a small business in the Church Wellesley Village, I know personally how important safe, culturally significant small LGBTQ2S+ businesses are as gathering spaces for our community.

January 29, 2020, Toronto City Council adopted my motion to support the retention and growth of independently owned and operated LGBTQ2S+ small businesses & cultural spaces.

The report on this motion will be presented at the May 6, 2020 meeting of the Economic and Community Development Committee.

Sign this petition and tell your City Councillor and Mayor John Tory  that protecting LGBTQ2S+ small businesses and cultural spaces is critical to supporting Canada’s largest and most dynamic gay village, and the residents who rely on these spaces.

When we come together, we can do great things. 

trans flag at Church and Wood Street

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