My Statement on the Province's Inadequate Paid Sick Leave Program

Today, 411 days after the state of emergency was declared, the Government of Ontario finally responded to thousands of health care practitioners and resident calls for paid sick leave. Instead of the necessary 10 days of business-supported sick leave, the province announced three days for full and part-time workers. Not even enough time to confirm a positive Covid diagnosis. 

Premier Ford and his government have failed once again to even do simple math, and support Ontario residents. Their Provincial paid sick leave program is simply not good enough. 

Through this global health crisis, we have seen Premier Ford fail to create a centralized vaccine registration system, protect essential workers, help vulnerable residents and seniors in long-term care residents, support small business owners, and more. His unimpressive paid sick leave announcement today conveniently distracts from the damning Auditor General’s report of the Premier’s mishandling of our long-term care homes during the pandemic. 

Ontarians will not be fooled. The stakes are too high and we have already lost much ground and sacrificed too much. 

We need this Premier and government to do much better. It’s already too late for so many.

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