Statement on Planned Anti-Islam Event at Nathan Phillips Square

I stand with Toronto's diverse communities in rejecting hate and division. News of an anti-Islamic event being planned for Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday, August 11 is a disappointing reminder that, as far as we have come as a society, many still cling to violent prejudice. We must continue to come together in the spirit of cooperation and pluralism to show strength and solidarity with those being targeted.

The best and most democratic aspects of Canadian society have been built on foundations of cooperation, respect, and equality under the law. Though they reject the very foundational values we hold as a country, in calling for the elimination of an entire faith in Canada, even these groups are protected in their right to march and protest. And so it is upon us to show the strength of our convictions and our belief in the Canadian project.

No permit has been issued for the event and none will be. Corporate Security is working with the Toronto Police Service to ensure that all those who gather at Nathan Phillips Square on Saturday are safe and to ensure lawful conduct.

My thanks go out to everyone who will be attending the counter-protest (link here) on the anniversary of the Charlottesville murder and rejecting the "Kick Islam out of Canada" event. Your presence demonstrates Toronto's compassion and vigilance in the face of hate. Our work to create a safer society, free from discrimination, is all the stronger because of you.

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