Nov 10 Update: Fire at 96 Gerrard Street East

Since last week’s three-alarm fire and full evacuation at 96 Gerrard Street East, the Neill-Wycik Co-operative, City Staff and Toronto Fire Services have been working hard to secure the building, restore power and help residents return safely to their units. 

I am thrilled to report that as of yesterday, portable generators have been installed and temporary power has been restored to the whole building, pending the permanent repair work of the building's electrical system. The co-op was able to start re-occupying yesterday afternoon.

Toronto Fire Services (TFS) has been on site all week conducting fire watch, wellness checks and air monitoring. In addition, TFS has arranged for water to be pumped up the standpipe system for those occupants on floors 11 - 22 for sanitary functions. 

Safety for all residents is my number one concern. The building owner has been directed to increase the number of security staff on the scene to assist with the fire watch and to install battery-operated smoke alarms in each unit. Toronto Fire Service inspectors will continue to monitor to ensure the private security company complies with the fire watch requirements until all fire and life safety systems have been verified. Unfortunately, the damage to the electrical system is substantive, and it is estimated that it will still be some weeks or months before full power is restored.

I am very grateful that no one was injured and that students are able to begin returning home. Still, hundreds of students have been affected by the 96 Gerrard St East fire. It’ll be some time before things return to normal & money is tight for the students.

Let’s come together to support them. If you can, please donate to the Neill-Wycik Electrical Fire Emergency Fund

I want to thank all our emergency responders and staff at the Neill-Wycik Co-operative for their swift response. 

To students, or anyone needing support, please continue to check your building’s internal CMS for updates.

Tenants that are university or college students should also reach out to their post-secondary institution’s administrative officeThe City has been in touch with universities and colleges and many are looking at ways to help affected students.


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