My Statement on Additional Charges Against Bruce McArthur

Today's news and the additional three murder charges against Bruce McArthur are shocking and disturbing. The connection of Majeed Kayhan, Soroush Mahmudi and Dean Lisowick to this case will come as painful news to the friends and family of the missing who have been in the dark for some time. Even for the brief and limited occasions I had to meet a number of the missing, I have found recent revelations to be very difficult to process. Simply put, these situations have left me heartbroken.

The community deserves thanks for their time and effort. The information passed on to authorities and the time search parties and volunteers have spent looking for leads was significant. I am confident that this was of great value in advancing the investigation this far.

The police investigators and officers who have put in intensive effort to get us this far deserve our thanks, as well. Based on what has been shared with the public, to date, we are still grappling with the scale of what has happened.

For those who are worried about the time it has taken to solve a number of these missing persons cases, I share your concerns and am confident that there will be an opportunity to better understand the inner workings of this complex case in the near future. For those who are looking for a way to mourn and come together, I can tell you that I am working with community and faith leaders to make an opportunity for us to unite in the spirit of healing.


Anyone with information regarding this case or disappearances, even if it seems insignificant, should call project Prism at 416-808-2021.

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