Media Advisory – “Where’s the Fair?” Canadian Premier – Toronto’s Expo 2025 Working Group to host Q&A at the Toronto Indie Film Festival

Media Advisory

September 5, 2013

Toronto’s Expo 2025 Working Group to host a Q&A with the filmmakers of “Where’s the Fair?” at the Toronto Indie Film Festival

Toronto, Ontario – Filmmakers Brad Bear and Jeffrey Ford of Pavilion Pictures will be joined by Toronto City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and members of Toronto’s Expo 2025 Working Group for the Canadian premiere of their new feature documentary, ‘Where’s the Fair’ at this year’s Toronto Independent Film Festival.

Date: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton Street.


“Where’s the Fair?” chronicles the political intrigue behind the United States’ mysterious absence from international Expos throughout the years. The Americans, who were once a dominating presence at the World’s Fair, are now barely a footnote on the international Expo program.

The filmmakers spent over four years traveling the world capturing inspiring footage of multiple World Expositions and interviewing Americans who barely remember something the rest of the world still holds in great esteem.

“The Expo is an inspiration machine,” Ford said.  “I look around the U.S. and wonder what the inspiration machine is for our kids.  Who is laying down the challenge for them?”  Bear said, “Where’s the Fair?” is designed to have the audience begin to ask the same questions he and Ford are asking themselves.

Councillor Wong-Tam states, “It’s known in the International Expo community that the United States turned it back on Expos beginning in 2001 under President George Bush. Today it should come as no surprise to watch the World’s Fair turn it’s back on the US.  When Prime Minister Harper announced Canada will no longer be participating in Expos, he is essentially leading us in those misguided and parochial footsteps of the Bush administration.”

The Toronto Expo 2025 Working Group will host a Q&A session with the filmmakers directly after the screening.  The Toronto Expo 2025 working group is a non-partisan, broad coalition of business, community, and political leaders advocating for the consideration of Toronto as a host city for Expo 2025.

Where’s the Fair has been awarded Best Documentary and nominated for Best Feature overall at 2013 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, and is an official selection of the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival; the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival’ Knoxville Film Festival, Cincinatti Film Festival, and Louisville International Festival of Film.

Those seeking more information on the film or to watch the trailer, can visit the official website or


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Media contacts:

Jeffrey Ford, Filmmaker [email protected] (740) 821-8288

Kristyn Wong-Tam, Toronto Expo 2025 Working Group member (416) 392-7903

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