I am worried about paying my Municipal Property Tax & Utility Bills

The City of Toronto is offering a 60-day grace period for property tax payments and utility payments. More information can be found here.

If tenants are directly responsible to pay property tax and/or utility amounts under the terms of their lease with the landlord/property owner, then the grace period for property tax and utility payments will apply, and the due dates for these payments will be extended by 60 days.

For tenants in leases where the property tax and utility bills are paid as part of the total rent, where the owner ultimately responsible to pay the taxes, then tenants should check with their landlord to determine whether their rent payment schedule, or amounts paid for property tax and utilities, will vary from the terms set out in the tenant’s lease agreement. As the responsibility to pay property tax and utility amounts ultimately and legally resides with the owner of the property, the City has no means of intervening in landlord/tenant arrangements and cannot act to enforce the extension of the grace period to tenants.

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