Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge Environmental Assessment Study


The City of Toronto is investigating options to address the declining condition of the Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge spanning Rosedale Valley Road.

photo of bridge in summer

The Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge is deteriorating and is in need of major improvements.  This  Environmental Assessment (EA) study will assess the existing conditions, identify alternatives to address the condition of the bridge, and recommend a preferred solution, which may include proposing a new bridge design. As well, consultation with the public will be an important part of the EA study process.

Project Update - July 14, 2017

As presented at the September 2016 Public Information Centre (PIC) #1, replacement of the bridge in its current location has been identified as the preferred solution.

Subsequent to the PIC #1, the study team considered a range of alternative solutions for the adjacent pedestrian tunnel, including: non-structural upgrades to lighting and surface treatments, replacement/reconstruction of a wider tunnel, and maintenance of the existing tunnel.  Construction of a wider tunnel is the preliminary preferred solution.  

Design alternatives for the bridge structure and the tunnel widening are currently being assessed.

The study team will be presenting preliminary design recommendations at the Design Review Panel (DRP) on July 18, 2017.  Slides to be presented at the DRP will be published online at after the meeting.   Members of the public are welcome to observe the DRP meetings, which are held at Toronto City Hall in Committee Room 2. Glen Road Bridge is scheduled to be discussed at 3:20 p.m. Minutes are posted after being confirmed at the following DRP meeting.

The next public consultation event, tentatively scheduled in the early fall, will present the results of the evaluation of the alternatives, assessment of potential impacts and identification of a preliminary preferred bridge and tunnel design. Email and flyer notices will be circulated in advance.

We invite your comments and questions about the study anytime. Contact Jason Diceman, Senior Public Consultation Coordinator, Tel: 416-338-2830 [email protected]

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