Enbridge Work on Macpherson Avenue

Enbridge is currently conducting work on Macpherson Avenue, between Avenue and Yonge; the entirety of Molson Street; Roxborough St. West, from Molson to Yonge; Yonge St., from Roxborough St. West to Roxborough St. East; and Roxborough St. East to Cluny Drive.  This work involves extensive digging to repair and replace existing gas-lines.  The work is expected to conclude in October.  Transportation will undertake resurfacing in 2017.

Councillor Wong-Tam is extremely disappointed to find that the residents of Macpherson, and Roxborough St. West are having to live through another disruption within such a short span of time.  The Councillor is also disappointed that Enbridge has moved forward with such a poor communication strategy.  Our office was not given advance notice of the work, nor were residents properly informed of the scope of work or timeframe.  In 2014, a complete resurfacing of Roxborough Street West, MacPherson Ave and Molson Street was completed.

The Councillor has been assured by Enbridge and City Transportation that the affected streets will be resurfaced at the previous standard or higher.  This resurfacing is to be undertaken at Enbridge's expense. 


We understand that this issue is disruptive to residents, and we will continue to bring you updates as the work progresses.


For additional information, please contact:

Mark Wilson at [email protected]


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