RentSafe was approved by City Council in 2017 after years of hard work by local tenant advocates and city-wide organizations, including the Federation of Metro Toronto Tenants’ Associations, ACORN, the Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario, as well as community legal clinics. Unfortunately, Council has yet to deliver on the most crucial measure promised to Toronto renters.

Too many Torontonians live in homes that have mold, pests, appliances that don’t work, and inadequate heat. That’s why, as part of the RentSafe program, Council approved an apartment rating system similar to the City's "Dinesafe" program that required landlords to post a colour-coded sign that displays the City's rating in a prominent, publicly identifiable location, along with posting the same information to the City's website.

Colour-coded signs act as an incentive for Landlords to do necessary repairs and raise awareness among tenants that they have a right to a safe and healthy home. A sign on the outside of a building provides validation from the City on what the conditions are inside. Landlord lobbyists and others that don’t want to see this program move forward have said this will “stigmatize” renters. This is your opportunity to tell Councillors that you feel stigmatized by cockroaches and mold, not a sign.

Tell your Councillor that your vote in the upcoming October election will depend on their vote on this issue at the April 6th Council meeting.

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