260 Wellesley Street East Update #3

Updated January 25, 2019 at 2:00pm

I am very pleased to share the news that heat is currently being restored to 260 Wellesley Street East. This was a critical target as residents face a very cold weekend in Toronto. Toronto Fire Services will be overseeing the power restoration over the weekend with an ongoing building check, unit-by-unit, to ensure there are no appliances left on that would risk a fire and no taps left open that would risk flooding. Toronto Police and the building owner will assist to supervise entry into units with nobody home to check appliances and water only.

Once heat in the building is fully restored, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) will authorize regular power restoration to units. This will take several hours to ensure the system is stable and safe and power will be restored gradually. At least one elevator will be brought back online shortly after this step is completed, as well as the remaining fire and life safety systems.

The restoration of power will also bring the building's water systems back online. Residents should run their taps for at least 5 minutes, once they have water pressure again, to clear any sediment that has accumulated in the pipes.

Toronto Fire Services will be on site all weekend. If all systems are stable on Monday, they will begin the withdrawal of their units. The Wellesley Community Centre will remain open as a warming centre until at least Monday.

I am relieved that power is being restored to 260 Wellesley Street East and that tenants will be able to stay in their homes. They are the true heroes of this story and have been remarkably patient and resilient through a time of many unknowns and hardship. I also want to thank the incredible work of our first responders, including the Office of Emergency Management and Toronto Fire Services, especially.

Over the past few days, many tenants in St. Jamestown have raised serious concerns around the state of repairs and maintenance in buildings throughout the community. I will work with City Council to ensure there is a full investigation of these concerns and follow-up to make sure all buildings are properly maintained and safe.


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